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WHAT WE OFFER – Fully-immersive bear-viewing, nature and wilderness holidays at a small, private lodge in the mountains of British Columbia. As featured in New Lives in the Wild with Ben Fogle, The Sunday Times, The Mail Online, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Travel & Leisure and the Wall Street Journal.

NEW WILDERNESS OPPORTUNITY – After the tragic loss of Kristin in February, Julius is now looking to move on. Wild Bear Lodge will be available for a private sale. If you are interested in creating your own wilderness dream, please send us a note. Julius expects to continue running the lodge until new owners are up and running, and will be available for an extensive handover.

Exciting and Natural Bear-Viewing, Nature and Wilderness Holidays

Bear-Viewing at Wild Bear Lodge

Wild Bear Lodge (formerly Grizzly Bear Ranch) is a small, specialised wilderness lodge about halfway between Vancouver and Calgary.

We are located in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, a vast hideaway of ancient mountains, old-growth trees, and fast-flowing rivers.

We offer some of the most exciting and natural bear-viewing, nature and wilderness holidays in north America, against a backdrop of some of western Canada’s most dramatic terrain.

The focus of what we offer varies seasonally.

In May and June we concentrate on bears, other indigenous wildlife, and British Columbia‘s magnificent nature. We roam far and wide, through ancient rainforests and into the sub-alpine.

During the warm summer months we head high into the mountains to remote hiking trails. We also raft the river that runs past the lodge and take a boat out onto wilderness lakes.

In September and October, as the Fall colours arrive, we once again focus on bears and wildlife, especially wild Rocky Mountain grizzly bears.

We walk and raft through their terrain as the red salmon arrive to spawn, and head into the alpine to watch high-elevation grizzlies feeding on berries.

A Small, Private, Luxury Lodge on a Remote Mountain River

Our wilderness guides are expert naturalists, animal trackers and bear guides. They will lead you into bear country in tiny groups – typically two to four guests with one guide.

To ensure you are far from the tourist crowds, we have fashioned our own wilderness trails. When you are out with us you will often not see another person all day.

As well as grizzly and black bears we have deer, moose, elk, cougars, lynx, bobcats and wolves and you may see some of these animals or signs of their passing.

The megafauna we watch are free-spirited and wild. We do not use viewing stands or attractants or entice semi-tame animals to come to us.

Instead we prefer unscripted experiences, moving quietly through wildlife habitat, walking on their trails, following their tracks, and viewing them in their own world.

We are on the cutting edge of bear conservation, and are politically active in saving bears and bear habitat.

Julius, a former British foreign correspondent, is one of BC’s more experienced bear guides. His Estonian-born wife Kristin was a trained and accomplished chef. Together they set up the lodge in 2006.

After the tragic loss of Kristin in early 2020, Julius is now looking to move on and the ranch is available for a private sale. In the meantime Julius will be staying on until new owners are in place and up to speed, and the lodge will continue to take bookings for 2021. The rest of the lodge and guiding team is still in place.