Our Story

Wild Bear Lodge (formerly Grizzly Bear Ranch) opened for business as the snows began to melt in the spring of 2006.

Julius worked for the British Daily Telegraph for a decade as a foreign correspondent. He mostly covered wars including Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya and Sierra Leone.

In 2002 he was posted to Moscow to write about Russia under Vladimir Putin. While on assignment, he met Kristin, the bureau chief for the Reuters News Agency, in her native Estonia.

Craving open spaces and a new life in the wild, Kristin and Julius decided to move to Canada. After a chance visit while driving across British Columbia they fell in love with the property and its location.

After more than two years closed because of Covid, Wild Bear Lodge reopened in September 2022.

Each year Wild Bear Lodge takes in a small number of guests who come to experience their verdant British Columbia valley, its flora and fauna, and the hauntingly beautiful surrounding mountains.

If you are interested in knowing more about a holiday at the lodge, please drop us an email. We will respond with full details of our offerings, prices and availability.