Your Stay

Welcome to Wild Bear Lodge. We have gone to great lengths to make your stay memorable, comfortable and inspiring and we very much hope you will enjoy it.

Since moving in to Wild Bear Lodge in 2006 we have constructed a new lodge on the frame of the old family house. We have also completely refurbished three cabins and built three more from scratch.

Each of our cabins is slightly different. Cascade is of pure timber-frame construction, a style of building that dates back more than 15 centuries to artisans and house-builders in Japan. Like our other cabins, we have finished it in local cedar.

The two Redfish cabins both have timber-frame elements and were built by a local carpenter in 2014. We inherited Whitewater, Logjam and Rapid from the previous owners who first started building in the mid 1990s.

Since then we have extensively rebuilt them, added new sundecks and comfortable bathrooms.

Each cabin comes with its own bathroom. Each has wireless internet access, a DVD player as well as a bird guide, a pair of binoculars, tea and coffee service and, of course, freshly-laundered linen and towels.

During your stay we will take you out into the wilderness, on forest walks, into the high alpine and rafting down our blue-green river.

When you are at the lodge you can wander the garden and enjoy the beautiful views of the river that flows past your feet.

For those of you who are keen we are always happy to give you a tour of our renewable energy system – we get our electricity almost entirely from solar for most of the year. We can also explain the measures we have implemented to ensure we make the best out of the local produce available.