Watch Grizzlies Fishing for Salmon

  • View grizzly bears feeding on salmon deep in the wilderness
  • Experience BC’s ancient inland rainforest, the only such ecosystem in the world
  • Walk on trails used by black bears, moose, elk, wolves, beavers and cougars
  • Head out in tiny groups – typically 2 to 4 guests with an expert bear guide
  • Float down our wilderness river – see bald eagles diving for salmon
  • Optional hot tub or sauna right on the banks of our river
  • Drive to our lodge from Calgary, Vancouver, or Spokane in the US
  • Hosted and guided by veteran bear guide Julius Strauss

In October we view wild grizzly bears. Each day we head out into remote terrain walking on bear trails and following bear tracks in habitat little changed since the last Ice Age.

We often see bears – sometimes with cubs in tow – fishing for salmon in our wilderness river.

We will show you how to interpret tracks, rubs and tiny hair samples left on trees and explain how bears read the landscape they are moving through.

A grizzly bear eating a fish at Wild Bear Lodge

The bear-viewing we offer is immersive. You will join an experienced guide in the wilderness with no physical barriers between you and the bears.

We are experts in interpreting bear behaviour and body language and it is this knowledge that allows us to walk with confidence around grizzly bears, even mums with cubs.

Our valley is little known and we have the only permit to view bears in our area. Often on our walks we don’t see another person all day.

At Wild Bear Lodge we offer wild grizzly-viewing holidays led by a veteran wilderness guide
Kokanee salmon seen on a bear-viewing walk at Wild Bear Lodge

We will also take you on a float on one of BC’s most beautiful wilderness rivers offering a chance to watch the spawning salmon as well as bald eagles.

Some grizzly viewing operations use wildlife-viewing platforms that can seat a dozen or more guests at a time. Some draw in semi-tame bears with various forms of artificial or natural attractant.

What we offer is a wilder, more natural experience that is nevertheless extremely safe.

Grizzly-viewing on the river at Wild Bear Lodge

In more than 15 years in operation and after many thousands of bear encounters we have a perfect safety record.

As well as being trained naturalists and certified bear guides, we are also trained in off-road driving, swift-water rescue (rafting guides only) and wilderness first aid.

Julius, your lead guide, has nearly two decade’s experience walking around wild bears and is one of the few guides in BC certified to train new guides.

Wild Bear Lodge is a member of the British Columbia Commercial Bear Viewing Association, an organisation which is responsible for promoting safe viewing and bear conservation.


  • A four-night holiday in October is priced at $4,480. An eight-night holiday is priced at $7,980.
  • Our rates are in Canadian dollars, per person, and include all meals, drinks, accommodation and guided tours. These prices are based on double occupancy.
  • They include a $100 donation to our charity fund.
  • They do not include 5% tax, or optional gratuities.