Not For Profit

At Wild Bear Lodge, our not-for-profit arm is extremely important to us.

For every guest that books with us, we take $100 and put it into our Wild Bear Fund, which we spend on bear conservation and charity initiatives.

We spend part of the money we raise directly on bear science. Since 2016 we have been working with the Bear ID Project to monitor and study grizzly bears using our watershed.

The aim of this project is to develop facial recognition software for grizzlies which will allow for much cheaper and more extensive inventorying of their populations.

We spend some of the fund on mitigating bear-human conflict within the area that we live.

Some of that money is spent buying bear spray for residents, some on electric fencing costs and some on promoting programmes that encourage or help residents to manage their bear attractants (fruit trees, garbage etc..)

We are proud of the fact that we also spearheaded a campaign to end grizzly hunting in British Columbia. After several years and many hundreds of hours of work we finally won a full ban from government in December 2017.

Finally we have a programme that brings wounded and injured military veterans to the wilderness for nature therapy, recovery and skill-sharing.

Without you – our guests – we could undertake none of these activities and we would like to thank all those who have made contributions, either directly, or through their stay at Wild Bear Lodge.