Summer Wilderness Adventures

Summer Wilderness Adventures far from the Crowds

  • Four-night summer wilderness adventures designed for couples and families.
  • A chance to experience the raw power and beauty of British Columbia’s wilderness.
  • A day’s hiking in the alpine offering some of western Canada’s most stunning views.
  • White-water rafting trips on the river that flows past the lodge.
  • A day on a remote lake visiting deserted beaches with a Zodiac powerboat.
  • A guided walk through the world’s only inland temperate rainforest.
  • We make our own trails and often don’t see another person all day.
  • Barbeque by the river, evening around the campfire.
  • Perfect for nature-lovers, crowd-avoiders and hiker-adventurers.
  • All from the comfort of a private, luxury lodge with one of the best-reviewed tables in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Age recommendation 10-75. Fitness recommendation: 4/10.
  • A scenic 420km drive from Banff. Halfway between Calgary and Vancouver.

Hike the high alpine

In July and August we offer our guests four-night wilderness adventures deep in the British Columbia mountains.

We are located in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, a vast hideaway of ancient mountains, old-growth trees, and fast-flowing rivers.

On one of your days with us we will head into the high alpine using one of our specialised 4x4s for the ascent.

There we will walk the high country at 7,000 feet or more, looking out over the roof of the world and down into hidden valleys.

We take picnics for lunch and are so far off the beaten track that we rarely see another person all day.

Raft our cobalt-blue river

On another of your days with us we will take you rafting down the wilderness river that runs right to our lodge.

This river is one of the more remote and beautiful in British Columbia.

Parts of the river are quiet and meandering but there are also sections of rapids which we run.

We also taking you walking in an old-growth rainforest where some of the trees are 800 years old and introduce you to the ancient art of animal tracking.

Hiking at 7,000 feet or more you can look out over the roof of the world and down into untouched valleys of ancient old-growth cedars and hemlock

Far from the summer crowds

Wilderness adventures at Wild Bear Lodge

On one of your days with us we will take you out on a remote wilderness lake in our Zodiac powerboat.

These days are perfect for exploring the wilderness from the water, discovering hidden coves, lounging on wilderness beaches, and swimming in the lake.

The places we take you are far from the summer crowds and even on a weekend we frequently have the lake to ourselves.

We usually have a picnic lunch on a small, remote island, taking in the waterfalls and high peaks that look down on these glacier-fed lakes.

A typical day

Wilderness adventures. Family time at Wild Bear Lodge.

We start every day with an expansive breakfast in the main house served with hot, fresh tea and coffee.

Lunch is a picnic of home-made sandwiches, fruit and cake.

For dinner we serve fine freshly-cooked locally-sourced food in the main house.

At least once during your stay we will barbecue by the river and light up a campfire.

A typical itinerary in July-August

  • Day One: Arrive at Wild Bear Lodge and your riverside cabin. Dinner and introduction.
  • Day Two: We take you high into the mountains. Hike through meadows of alpine wildflowers and along ridges. Presentation on mammals in our area.
  • Day Three: A rafting trip down our wilderness river. A walk through an old-growth cedar rainforest. A presentation of our trail camera footage showing rare, wild animals.
  • Day Four: A day spent on a remote wilderness lake in our Zodiac powerboat with a chance to enjoy a wilderness beach and swim. Barbeque by the river and camp fire.
  • Last Day: Breakfast and departure.

Pricing & Availability

    • Pricing is at $1,950 for four-night wilderness adventures. Our rates are in Canadian dollars, per person, and include all meals, drinks, accommodation and guided tours. They are based on double occupancy. They include a $100 donation to our conservation fund. They do not include 5% tax. Please contact us for more details.