A Wilderness Opportunity

A Wilderness Opportunity

After the tragic loss of Kristin, Julius is looking at the option of selling Wild Bear Lodge.

If you are interested in creating your own wilderness dream in British Columbia, drop him an email with a brief outline of where you would like to take the lodge.

In their time running the lodge, Kristin and Julius had more than 2,000 guests and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many guests said it was far and away the best holiday of their lives and have kept in touch for years after leaving, some for more than a decade. The lodge is now a mature and profitable business with a strong and active charity arm.

Julius and Kristin’s story has received its share of media attention. The high point of their story, in many ways, came in December 2017 when, after years of lobbying, they were instrumental in getting a ban on grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia. They are proud of the work they have done in supporting scientific research around grizzly bears, as well as their contribution to bear-human conflict mitigation in the local area.

Kristin died after a short battle with cancer in February 2020.

Julius is not in a rush to leave or cut ties with Wild Bear Lodge or the area, but now that Kristin is gone, he is hoping to step back from the day-to-day running of the operation.

In seeking new owners, Julius will be looking for an individual or couple that can carry the legacy forward. As part of the transition, Julius will be available for an extensive handover to any new owners, and possibly, by negotiation, a limited ongoing role in the operation.

To find out more, please email Julius on julius@wildbearlodge.ca

Photo is of Julius and Kristin (left) with guests in the early years