Your Hosts

Your hosts, Julius and Kristin, welcome you to Wild Bear Lodge. We are passionate about our wilderness dream and aim to offer our guests an unforgettable wild and natural experience, replete with excellent food and beautiful riverside lodging – a few days soaking up the gentle rhythm of British Columbia’s unchanging wilderness.

Julius guiding in the alpine at Wild Bear Lodge


Julius and Kristin have prepared themselves rigorously for their roles as your hosts and guides. Both are trained in advanced wilderness first aid. Julius has also trained in surviving hostile environments, has a license to operate powerboats and a pilot’s license. He has more than a decade’s experience as a rafting guide and qualified as a full bear-viewing guide, the highest certification in the industry, back in 2009. He is now also a bear-viewing guide instructor, certified by the Commercial Bear Viewing Association.

Julius has also trained in off-road and defensive driving and swift water rescue. He is a Level 3 certified animal tracker. Since coming to Canada, he has learned to kayak, mountaineer and ski.

When not guiding, Julius continues to be involved in journalism, politics and conflict. In recent years, he has taught at the University of Alaska. He has been deployed by the British government to Afghanistan to work with Pashtun tribal leaders. He also writes and has given public talks about bear behaviour, the restorative power of the wilderness, modern Russia, and a host of other tropics. If you are interested in having Julius come and talk please contact us.


Kristin has been passionate about food since she was a young girl. In 2011 she took formal training, graduating from the North West Culinary Institute in Vancouver, one of Canada’s leading training schools for chefs.

Kristin has her own herb and vegetable garden. She sources all the other food supplies for the lodge from local suppliers. She is also a keen amateur birder with a yard full of songbirds to watch.

Kristin has published a biography of an Estonian philosopher, Nikolai Maim, in her native language and she frequently travels to Estonia to keep up with her extended family.

Between the two of them, Julius and Kristin speak fluent English, Russian, Hungarian and Estonian, as well as some German and French.